Northland Regional Council

What do you love about Northland?

Man in camo fleece leaning against an ATV in Northland forest

The challenge

Northland Regional Council’s (NRC) role is to help manage our natural resources. Well known amongst the farming community or people wanting to work with the land, but the general public knew little about their role and the services they provide. NRC wanted to engage with the community to tell their story and encourage people to find out more about what they do.

The solution

Northlanders love our environment, it’s often the first thing people say when they’re asked what they love about where they live. By capturing local people, on video, talking about what they love about Northland we showcased true Northlanders and the beautiful environment we all love and get to live in. The community were asked to provide feedback on these videos by submitting photos on social media – sharing their True North – what they love about Northland and why.

Follow-up videos using the NRC staff allowed them to respond to the feedback they had received over the course of the campaign, educating and promoting the great work they are doing

What we did

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Campaign Development
  • Photography
  • Video
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