Refining NZ

Clever animation to help create a lower carbon economy

Aerial render of Refining NZ Solar Farm with Whangarei Harbour in the background

The challenge

Before Covid-19 – Climate Change was a hot topic – literally! Some may think it’s an unlikely mix but Refining NZ will play an essential part as New Zealand transitions to a lower carbon economy.

A step in their journey towards cleaner greener energy, was to seek funding and approval to build a solar farm to generate green energy helping to power the Refinery. But how would they sell their vision for the solar farm?

The solution

Working with the RNZ team we created an animation that outlines the details of the solar farm, how it would impact on the RNZ bottom line and how it helps to enable the greener, lower carbon economy of the future. Using existing google maps footage, overlaid the essential elements of the solar farm, along with key stats we built their story in a cost effective way.

What we did

  • Campaign Development
  • Video
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