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Deep, dark tunnels create a stunning set

Night time shot of bridge steelwork being moved into place as part of the Waterview Connection

The challenge

When the Well Connected Alliance (WCA) won the tender to build the longest underground road tunnel in New Zealand, they wanted to capture it on film. The Waterview Tunnel, at 24,000 meters long would help ease congestion and provide a more direct route to Auckland International Airport. Timelapse photography was the ideal choice for ongoing communication with stakeholders and the community, documenting this huge engineering feat.

The solution

Mud, confined spaces, early mornings and late nights were all part of the brief. To capture every facet of this build we combined timelapse photography and onsite videography.

Weatherproof timelapse cameras, running on solar power, allowed us to capture a photo of the site every 10 minutes throughout the 3 year build; this was compiled into a monthly timelapse clip and shared on WCA’s website and social media channels.

Deep inside the tunnel we were able to capture amazing pieces of engineering and document first hand how this tunnel was put together – beneath the ground. We were extremely proud to be part of the team and were treated like any other construction worker onsite, this allowed us to achieve a great result. Take a look….

What we did

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