Whangarei District Council

Connecting through cinematic imagery and clear communication

WDC Long Term Plan 2021-2031 - Banner Image

The challenge

The Council’s Long Term Plan sets out the projects and spending for the next 10 years and can take some pretty heavy reading! They needed a way to share the basic information from the plan and to invite the community to find out more and send in feedback.
Engaging a diverse range of people, reminding ratepayers of great work that has been done across the District, letting people know the important issues and activities for the next 10 years and then confirming their plans and getting on with the job.

The solution

Succinct scripting combined with beautiful cinematic imagery has created content that provides clear information and invites ratepayers to find out more. Using different people to introduce segments of the video we hear from a diverse range of residents on the key issues in the plan. Capturing the basic information on screen and directing people to the website to share their views. A full length video covers all the information with additional cut-down snippets on each topic made available to share with specific audiences via social-media.

What we did

  • Digital Marketing
  • Video Production
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