Environment and Sustainability

Creating social good

Taking an approach to our work that creates sustainable positive change means thinking differently, doing things differently and sometimes asking the difficult questions.

We’re keen to work with businesses who share our vision to be more sustainable, protect our environment and create social good.

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Save the Kiwi

It’s all about a small fluffy bird. Save the Kiwi is a national charity that works in partnership with the Department of Conservation to protect kiwi and increase their numbers. We’ve been working with Save the Kiwi since their inception, helping them achieve their vision of taking kiwi from endangered to everywhere and ensuring the long-term sustainability and growth of our kiwi populations.

Along with branding, collateral and campaign concepts we created a website that is rich in information about kiwi conservation and has a wide range of resources available for schools, businesses and communities that want to get involved in saving our iconic namesake.

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Keep Kauri Standing

Kauri trees across New Zealand are being threatened by Kauri dieback, a non-curable disease which spreads from tree to tree in soil. With multiple groups including the Keep Kauri Standing Program, Northland Regional Council and DOC working hard to help stop the spread.

bigfish’s passion for environmental sustainability and our connections with Northland Regional Council and Northland Rugby Union sowed the seed for a unique campaign.

With the Kauri tree being a significant taonga for Northland and rugby as popular as ever, the possibility of reaching a new audience through the Northland Rugby Union whose team’s crest being the mighty Kauri tree – adorning their jerseys for 100 years worked well.

bigfish launched a community partnership with the NRU, Northland Regional Council, Mitre10 and the Keep Kauri Standing Programme to reach new audiences to further protect kauri through behavioural change.

Northland Rugby x Keep Kauri Standing