Our Capabilities

Video, Animation and Storytelling

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Connect to your audience and bring your stories to life with stunning video, animation and storytelling.

Visual storytelling is the perfect way to get all sorts of messages out there. 

Captivate your audience from the first to the final second

Starting with a great idea, we crystallise it into a script and storyboard that delivers an authentic story. Whatever your campaign needs: from time lapse or drone photography, to animation and stunning video our creative team will craft the perfect content.

Push boundaries to keep your audiences coming back for more

Using storytelling captures people’s attention and holds it while they’re entertained. From educational site inductions to emotive and captivating storytelling for conservation causes, our previous projects show how storytelling with video revolutionises knowledge sharing. We produce easily digestible information which is the key to getting and keeping it out there.

Conceptual storytelling

Animation lets us tell stories that can’t yet be captured in film or adds a new dimension to video content. A new idea or concept, a business case, or explaining detailed information to a range of audiences. Creating good animations that help users visualise and understand, using a combination of visual and audio information presented in simple, meaningful ways.

How we can help

  • Brand videos
  • Campaign videos
  • Social & web content
  • Photography
  • Instructional videos
  • Time lapse photography
  • Animation
  • Drone photography and video

Our Video, Animation and Storytelling Specialists