Electrifying recreational boating

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The challenge

When our client, a group of local passionate boaties and electrical engineers, came to us with their exciting idea for a new start-up business venture, we were excited.

Like many, the environment-minded and boat-mad engineers were dissatisfied with the available offerings in the marine EV market. The team saw that there was a huge opportunity to electrify the recreational boating world in a meaningful way. Their answer to that challenge was to start a new business venture that would develop and market an exciting class of clean electrical propulsion to boaties in New Zealand and the world.

To do this, the team engaged bigfish to help them with a brand and go-to-market strategy, brand naming, visual identity and brand storytelling tools.

The solution

We were immediately inspired by the potential of the idea and the exciting vision of the client. What’s more, the team had brought the challenge to us at the stage where we could offer the most effective help: right at the beginning of their journey.

We were able to match the deep knowledge and expertise of the client with our own insight and customer-led approach to branding in order to create a truly unique and energetic company DNA for the new venture. We began a robust discovery phase with our Brand Sprint methodology – where we work with our clients to thoroughly and systematically understand what makes them and their products special.

The insights gained from this were invaluable to the formation of the new brand – Naut.

Some crucial aspects of the customer set and business pathway were uncovered that influenced the rest of the process.

We created the brand name Naut, and initial brand story from this strong foundation – which also ensured a smooth and efficient process for the design of a truly unique and energetic visual identity and brand story.

What we did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Graphic Design
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