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Empowering brand architecture

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The challenge

Taimahi Trust (Taimahi) takes an entrepreneurial approach to one of society’s biggest challenges: real employment for our disabled people.

By working closely with their interns to understand their skills and abilities, they build employment that works for the individual. By starting small, they test ideas to see if they have the possibility of generating enough revenue to become a self-sustaining micro enterprise. This means there is a wide variety of work from food prep and service to fresh produce and sustainable eco products like beeswax wraps.

To establish themselves they needed to develop a brand for Taimahi and a brand architecture that is flexible enough to expand as new micro-enterprises come to life.

The solution

Bigfish developed the Taimahi Trust brand & brand story, along with the Taimahi Power lock-up. Taimahi Power represents their team of interns and staff. Communicating that a product or service with the Taimahi Power logo has been created with the goal of creating independence for their interns.

Taimahi’s central Whangārei premises occupies a corner site, with parking and plenty of space to grow. Step one was to establish a simple cost effective ‘shop-front’ from which they can sell fresh produce, coffee and pre-prepared food. Branded signage and a fresh coat of paint now welcome customers into the space.

The first micro-enterprise to launch in the new brand is Earth & Honey. Beeswax wraps are made on-site by the interns and sold both in store and online alongside a range of friendly products. The Earth & Honey brand uses a simple illustration style that can be rolled out across all micro-enterprises – with elements representing the core of the product or the tools used to make it. Block two-tone colours extend the colour palette providing flexibility for each new micro-enterprise.

By creating a brand architecture that can be applied to every micro-enterprise the brand style offers infinite flexibility.

As a charitable trust working on a limited budget they have reskinned their existing website with the new branding – giving it a fresh new look without the added expense of a new build.


What we did

  • Brand Strategy
  • Graphic Design
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